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Wednesday, February 28

What has 4 legs & lives in a house!

Nope, not a dog. But a coffee table... a new coffee table for our new pad :)

Ok, how excited can people really get about a new coffee table? Well, if your Jay and Veronica, it's the highlight of your week. (yup, for those of you with kids... that's what life was like before children came your way.)

Well, the biggest reason we LOVE our new table is cause Dad Hart made it... and he did an amazing job! Thanks so much Dad... it's perfect and looks GREAT!!

Table look familiar to anyone? (harts?)

Wednesday, February 21

Funny funny funny!!!!!!

Wow, this is the funniest Mac ad ever!

Monday, February 19

Happy Anniversary Blogit! Some blogit stats!

From Blogit - To Blogit.

Wishing myself a happy anniversary / birthday of 2 years of blogging.

This blog was started 2 years ago on February 14th, 2005. With just two posts for the 1st month, the month of February 2005, it was small and simple. 2 years later with the month of February not even over, this post marks the 10th post for the month of February 2007.

I'm someone who loves Statistics, so here goes!


66 posts in 2 years.

24 months in Service

Average of 2.75 posts per month

4017 hits since Spring 2006 (approx. 10 months)


7 Posts about: Cars *

10 Posts about: Gadgets

25 Posts about: Our lives, things that we do

22 Posts about: Points of interest / Cool stuff

* See, not that many were about cars!


#1.) February, 07 (10 Posts)

#2.) July, 06 (8 Posts)

#3.) May, 05 (6 Posts)

Sunday, February 18

The future of internet?

If this is the future of blogging, browsing and all internet related viewing... I just can't get used to this.

I must admit though, this is a very intriguing website. Clever and creative.

Saturday, February 17


Hey all. Veronica and I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to all of you who were able to make it for our very awesome, very cool surprise house warming party! It was an absolute blast and surprise parties are so much fun. It was so great to have friends and family together, young and old. What a hoot! We hope you had as much fun as we did, and that you had safe drives home.

To those who couldn't make it that heard about it, I know you were there in thought, and those in distant lands, our doors are open when you make it up to Fergus next!

God bless you all!! What a blessing it is to have so many loving friends and family!

Thanks again!

More sucking news... :)

Ok, as promised! Here are the pics of the Electrolux vacuum being used as a blowdryer etc. Very funny. Our vacuum has the reverse hole to provide blowing air, though it's not as old as the one pictured here from a 1950's brochure. Very cool!

Oh, and I just found these off the internet. After seeing these pics below, I feel like I got jipped on the electorlux that I ended up buying. They didn't tell me I could get a model that shot fire / laser beams! :( Phoey.

Lousy Electrolux.... All it does is vacuum and blow dry hair. :) (joke)

Friday, February 16

An Oldie but a Goodie!! :)

So what exactly do Jay & Veronica do for fun on a Friday night? Well let's see, oh ya, tonight it was go Vacuum cleaner shopping. Whoohoo! The joys of married life. Yup, that was our valentines date out to each other. Pretty special huh? All you unmarried folk out there, you now have something to look forward to... :) ha ha ha!!!!

So I had a personal issue with vacuum cleaners, which I'm not sure were it started from. It's with the build quality of the machines. I mean, a kids toy being built out cheap flimsy plastic that squeeks, rattles and breaks easily is fine. But something that moves, operates, and gets banged around a bit should not be made of flimsy plastic.

So in my quest to find the perfect machine, my quest quickly settled upon the 'Big name' jobies, the Big Joes, the KING OF VACUUM's! Yes I'm talking about Vacuum World All Stars (V.W.A.S.) such as 'Electrolux' and 'Tri-Star'. Yup, these kings were the reigning champions from near the beginning of the invention of the vacuum cleaner!

But then there was the price issue. Eek! $1,399 for a sucking jug on wheels that I pull around behind me as I wave a majic wand over the ground to suck the crap out of my carpets? WOW!!

So Veronica and I went the way of the Dutch!

We decided to buy an "Oldie but a Goodie."

It seems with Vacuum cleaners (or so told by today's Vacuum Retail experts,) the manufacturer's 'FORGOT' how to make a good vacuum from around the age of the new millenium and onwards. So We got ourselves and Oldie but a Goodie. A.K.A. a ten year old Electrolux canister vacuum. It looks like it's part of an oxegyn unit for a martin spaceship but hey, looks don't count. The art of Vacuuming is meant to be done alone in privacy, and never with guests... so who sees it anyways.

Oh, and the most hilarious part of the particular unit we have, it has a reverse suction hole on it. One feature to be used is if the hose gets clogged, the hose can be put into this second hose and it will blow air out instead of suck it in. The main purpose of this was to blow air for day to day purposes such as:

Hair blow dryer
Light duty air duster
Heater / defroster for ice in a freezer chest

No joke... I'll try update this blog with real pictures straight from the brochure!

Crummy modern Vacuums, all they do is suck up dirt, they can't even be used as a leaf blower or hair dryer in a Salon.

Well, Veronica twisted my arm when she found out it could be used as the largest hair dryer she has ever owned... so we bought it! (JOKE!)

So that's our story about Vacuum's!

Oh and P.S. We found out that 99.9% of vacuum cleaner retail staff are either:

A.) Weird
B.) Creepy
C.) All of the above.

We found that 0.1% @ Guelph Electrolux Canada where they had one, and only one, 'Oldie but a Goldie' with our name all over it!

P.S.S. if your really good, I may even include a 53 minute video of the unit @ work. ( No serious... I'm really kidding! :)

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, February 14

Winter Apartment!

Well the move is over, huge thanks to many friends and family! It was a giant move... ok, not so much in distance as you can see the by the pics! But the stairs sure were murder... thanks guys!

Now that Veronica and I are settled in, we love the place! At first we were excited, but now that we're in... we love it here! The size of the new pad didn't hit us until we had all our stuff in place!

Now that Fergus has been laden with a foot of fresh snow, and the sun came out this afternoon, I got the chance to snap some pics of Beautiful Fergus in the winter and our new cozy pad from the inside & out!

Click on the above 'Goofie Newfie' to see our pics!

Thanks for listening... now go check out the pics if you haven't already done so... and come back to drop a comment!

Just had to pass this on!

World's best lifeguard! :)

Tuesday, February 13

Parkour - the moves

Ok, so I was wrong, a really really great Parkour video can be set to country music. Ok, not full out country music but the song in this video definately has a western twang.

But the video... unreal moves... gotta check it!

Parkour - the unreal is real

To some this may be old news, but if you haven't seen or heard about "Parkour", otherwise referred to as "Free Running", get watching this video!

If you're not into the music, turn the volume off, but keep watching!

Basically, the concept of Parkour / Free Running is described by some as getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, using obstructions and obstacles as a tool (ie. going over them) instead of going around them. This is a new wave sport were Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Urban running come together into one sport.

Methinks warming up and phenominal physical shape is mandatory for this one! :)

Here's another video in case the last one didn't convince you that this is one of the most mind blowing 'freestyle' sports. Oh, and the music is a bit better for those not into the 1st video... but no, it's not country music hits... that just wouldn't go with the flow of Parkour!

Crazy humans, thinking up crazy sports like this for us to watch in awe on YouTube!

... and yes, I wish I could do just one of these moves... :)

Hide & Seek - London Style

I'm back... yes I know. I guess I've done some hiding lately with all the moving and such. But I'm back and this isn't what this post is about.

I fell in love with this performance while watching it on the TV show "So you think you can dance." (yes, Veronica got me hooked!) It took me a while to find out who the songwriter was but I tracked it down.

From Eastern U.K., Imogen heap is a very different artist. Perhaps not all of my blog - readers' style, but see what you think. I don't really know how to classify what kind of music this is, and the dance performance is cherographed perfectly! Very cool!

Check it out here: HIDE & SEEK by Imogen Heap as performed by finalists from 'So you think you can dance'

If you like that, another favourite, but this time a music video is:Gnarls Barkleys' hit: CRAZY!

Yes, pics and update about life and the new pad are coming soon! Keep posted, many new posts coming to 'blogit' soon!