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Thursday, February 9

Life on wireless

Hey folks, We're back.

So ya, loving my work at Reliable's, loving it 99 percent of the time so I really can't complain! The people I work with are absolutely awesome, cool, fun and easy going folk. Quickly to feel like family. Finally I find myself at a job where it actually feels like a lifetime carreer. One that I enjoy as much as designing and photography, but also one where I don't have to struggle and fit for 'freelance work'. The challenge never ends though, always on the hunt for customers, and new promo's etc.

Veronica's work is going well. She enjoys "doing nothing all day" (and that is honestly a direct quote from her.) She is actually keeping busy though, two jobs, plus looking after her baby of a husband, cooking for him, cleaning, etc. ok... maybe not that bad... but close too it. She's getting quite a few return clients, so things are looking up as the first few months for both of our jobs are definately more difficult than the future days.

That said, life is Jolly much more than not. We get to see each other quite a bit, even have lunch together a few days a week. Not to boast but there is absolutely nothing better than both of us living within five minutes drive from work! Our schedules are quite similar as well, so good or bad, we spend a lot of nights, staring at each other, or the TV! Only complaint is we are both in industries where we can't get away from weekend work.

So now here we sit, on the couch... yup that's right. Typing this blog, from the couch! Like I said in the title for this blog, life on wireless! GRAND!!!!

In a decision that I no longer need my huge powerhouse of a computer which was used in my designer life, and with the want and need for a portable system at work and home, I thought it be best to do an even trade. A used powerhouse of a tower for a speedy used mac laptop. And man is it sweet!!

As dorky as it sounds, it's so nice to be wireless. I've been able to cruise the internet and check emails at my leasure anywhere in the house (mmm... don't even have to get out of bed on an off Saturday to check the weather, emails etc. Even better yet I can even take my tunes anywhere with my in the house. Sweet. I also can choose to play my entire music collection wirelessly to remote speakers up in the loft.

As a bonus, I also got an ipod thrown into the deal. Not as usefull as I would have found it to be walking everywhere in Toronto, it is still a beautiful unit to have. I have used it a few times, walking home from work for fun and such.

Received news of a new nephew the other day. Kris and Karin Sikkema had a baby boy, Brennen Kurtis... and 8 pounder... about 90% of that weight is in his head and feet... man are they huge. That said, he's actually a really cute kid with dark hair. Sorry, no pictures yet. Also good friends Jerry and Nancy Vink are expecting a kid any day now as well.

And to end off, what worse news than to hear someone get their liscence. Yup, that's right. Remember those days when a sibling got their liscence and we all pulled out the usual jokes about clearing the roads etc. My new sister (through marriage) Rosalie just got her G1. Anything like her sister and... better not say anything, problably a better driver than me.