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Friday, April 22

Ottawa Trip!

Here's the sample pics of a recent Ottawa trip from my new Sony Digi Cam!

Brian and Alanna and Lucas were so kind as to have us over for all last weekend. It was a very enjoyable stay, and good to see them all again! Enjoy the pics here under the new gallery 2005 section

Come back soon because I hope to have a really cute video of Lucas up by early next week at the latest!

Wednesday, April 13

My preciousssssss...

My new digital camera arrived this week!

Ok so maybe I'm not drooling quite as much as gollum, but i must say I'm quite a happy camper!

I decided to trade in my old gear for this new Sony pro point and shoot digi cam! ... and what a cam it is!

There's nothing else quite like it. The camera is actually just over a year old, but it is a marvelous piece of technology. 8Megapixel, swivel body etc. I just like the fact of having everything from sharper results down to cool things like unlimited video with sound and voice recording on such a small simple camera!

So you can expect to see the gallery getting a fresh batch of images AND videos added for the next while. I found that I wasn't shooting much anymore, with my old camera, but the new one brings in some promising results!

Samples coming shortly!

For the want of my very own... Tiger comes in with a roar!

Yet another exciting day in history. The new version of the amazing OS X (system 10) operating system for the mac was released today!

Need I say more. You all should really take a look at this one. Just click on the pretty picture and see what OS X V.10.4 is all about.

I'll I need to say is DASHBOARD! For all my pc friends... go have a peek. No more need to go to our 10 different bookmarks/favourites in our web-browser to see things like weather, yellowpages, flight info, currency conversion, measurement conversion, language translator. Click on the video for 'dashboard' and watch the magic! All at the touch of a button!

Over and out!

Wednesday, April 6

What do Jay and Veronica do anywho?

For those of you curious enough to be even remotely interested in the lives of Jay and Veronica, here's the scoop.

Jay currently has one job to brag about and another two side jobs.

#1 I'm a retoucher (yup this is the one real job). What 'da hay is a retoucher?? I work for Fellini Aerographics where the boss Michael and I enhance images for advertisements. You could say that retouching is puzzle-peicing images, which includes manipulating, altering, cut & paste, (and my favourite) massaging images until they are gorgeous works of art. Almost every image in advertisments today have gone under some sort of retouching, even just color correction and control.

#2 I work for Carbon Computing where we sell Apple products. Of course Mac laptops and Computers are the main-stay of the market but the hot-ticket items are 'dem 'dar ipods eh? Those little mp3 playing critters sell like hot cakes!

#3 Is maybe a bit of a stretch but it brings in income of sorts. That's me, my own company taking in whatever work people send me. JCBimaging is the name. I do anything graphics related, graphic design, photography, and of course retouching. I even made it into the big books... ok not cool enough for yellow pages but I can claim to fame that I'm in the free Red TO books. Great company doing wonderful things for business in Toronto. They have a book in print (just like yellow pages) and of course their website. just type in retouching and you'll see me right there.

Veronica has kept here life very uncluttered and well organized. She has decided to stick with the normal one job routine. She's a full time hair stylist in Burlington at Super Cuts. It's actually kinda a fun site. She works at the shop on the corner of Appleby and Upper Middle road. Stop by for a visit and let her make your hair like new again... or something... or at least get it squeky clean for ya!

Hope you enjoyed this visit, come again.

Friday, April 1

For the need of Cake??

Veronica and I have been noticing recently, that we often receive the same question regarding marriage.

When people discover that we are getting married, often there is one question that emerges from their mouths. You'd expect it to be, "so when is your date?" or "has the bride gotten the dress yet?" But not a chance. Instead think of the least important aspect of the wedding. Ah... getting warmer. No think of something consumable.

That's right!

"Do you have your wedding cake picked out yet?"

The CAKE??? What is the relevance of a cake. I can't even find a reason for any form of symbolism other than for reason of an anniversary celebration. It is a consumable, tucked away into a corner of the hall, and has only a one minute spotlight time slot in most weddings!

We continue to be dumb-founded at what society sees in the importance of the cake! Any ideas?