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Thursday, October 27

See you in a year! :)

Ok, so I asked for a lot of photos of my wedding... I guess I got it.

1279 of them to be exact. Between four photographers and more than 6 cameras every single angle of our wedding day was captured. The good the bad and the ugly. Many thanks to Matthew Barnes, Cornelius Broersma, Kurt Brown, Alisha Vanspronsen, (and Dianne Jager, for loaning her camera to me for the day).

1280 official images, that's raw, unedited images!!!! That would have been about 53 rolls of 24 exp. film!!!!!! So as the title says, I figure I can manage to edit and sort through approximately 25 images per week... yes that's about a year of work!! :)

And that's not even mentioning the 5.5 hours of video I get to sort through and edit!!!

Thank you digital imaging! In case getting married didn't do it, printing 1200 images just to view them from negatives would have made me beyond broke!!

Ok, so you all might not be able to wait a year to finally see me or any images of my wife and I from that day a month and ten days ago. So here they are!!! Some edited, some not. Some pretty some not. I hope you take the same pleasure in viewing these snaps as much as Veronica and I do!

Once again, thanks to the many people involved in just the media end alone! Wow, feels like we are talking about a movie production.

1200 images... I still can't get over it. That's not even including the images that all our friends, families and enemies took of us. I know for myself, I wasn't even the bride and when I came walking down the aisle, there still must have been 20 camera's zooming in on my mug! No wonder Veronica shed a tear... I woulda too... she must had about 50 camera's zooming in on her... very intimidating!!

Ok, I'm done!

Thursday, October 13

Apartment pics

Just to let you know, I've posted pics of our happy lil' home! Click HERE to view our snaps.

Veronica and I are very happy with the turnout. I guess you could say, that as artful creatures, we had a bit of fun with this project.

Let us know what you think.

Give a buzz for a visit! We'd be happy to have you.

Sunday, October 9

Pics are up!!!!

Hey Folks.

Here are wedding and hooneymoon pics! (is that really how you spell that word... or is it honeymoon.) I guess I could look it up but call me lazy at 11:30 on a Sunday!

I've split the wedding pics according the the photographer who took the pics. My 'Official' shots are not yet up as I have not yet received those from my bud, Matt Barnes. Keep posted to see those. However I think that these three galleries gives you plenty too look at for now!

Click on the below links to see that person's pics.

Cornelius Broersma, our unofficial photographer, became very official indeed, especially in covering the whole Ceremony, and did an awesome job! Thanks dude!!

Jay Hart, my pics were taken with a friend's borrowed camera that I kept secret in my tux pocket.

Kurt Brown, a great buddy from college, just loves snapping so much that he felt compelled to contribute to capturing the day for us! Thanks man!

Don't forget to also check out our Hooneymoon pics!


Saturday, October 8

We're back!

Hey Folks. We are back... to reality, to life etc. Ah, home internet at last!!!!

After some crazy months of wedding planning we are finally back to normal life. WOW what a summer!

Of course marrying my beautiful bride was the best part, but apart from that, the Lord has blessed our lifes SO richly over the past while!

Now that wedding planning is outta the way, our apartment is setup and work is falling into place, it's back to blogging, emailing and hangin' with friends... and yes, I have missed it!

I won't go on and on about the wedding, but I think that was indeed the best day of my life. Everytime I see friends again, hear their stories, and see their pics, It makes me smile all over again. I'm so happy to hear that so far everyone thouroughly enjoyed our wedding and had just as good a time as us!!! Though we planned out our day exactly how we wanted it (how selfish eh? :) Our biggest goal was that everyone else could enjoy it just as much as us!! Goal achieved!

Our Vacation was equally amazing! Wow! We got hit by Hurricane Rita very quickly into our week. The storms came in on monday already and the actual Hurrican hit us on Tuesday. Though a small hurricane at CAT 2, it still packed in some fierce winds! (pictures to come!) The next two days clouds and storms kept over top of Cuba. As the hurricane kept moving west, Rita also grew tremendously in size as it rose to a CAT 5 storm. This kept the outer edge of Rita hovered over us. Rita was one of the largest hurricanes to hit the earth (on official record) but that was only on the water. Thankfully for those in Texas, it dropped in force and speed the second it came close to land!

Our three day tan in Cuba was worth it. In these three days of sun we thoroughly enjoyed the resort. For 12 Paso's we took a 2 hr. scooter trip (both ways) to a large cavern with stalictite's & 'mites. The scooter trip was actually the highlight of the package! We also took advantage of scuba lessons and on Friday went out to the open water! 14 meters down I even say a family of spiney lobsters in their cave, and an octopus among the coral and brightly colored fish. I can hardly wait (already) to go diving again!! :) Amazing experience!

So now back to reality we settling into our quant yet beautiful apartment! It's like a cool nest up in a tree house! Yes, it's up a whack of stairs, but worth the climb! The apartments are brand new, completly re-done within the shell of an old building!!

Now we are faced with the truth of an ailing car, and looking into getting a new car. Being in car sales right now helps that out a lot and makes the buying decision a lot easier.

Veronica is currently looking for work and has some positive leads and interviews. We are keeping our hopes up that God will take care of us as he always has!

Pictures of our recent adventures to be posted soon!