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Tuesday, December 6

We have a WINNER!!!!!

You wouldn't beleive what happend the other day at work!! :)

Ford's latest promo is called Vehicle-a-day-giveaway. (This promo comes every year at this time of the year) Long and short of it is, a customer can win his vehicle purchase or lease (their choice) for free, or anywhere from 1,000-10,000 off the price, (or the obvious) nothing.

So yes, short of it is, I had a winning customer in my office this past Saturday morning!!! Very exciting, felt really cool!!

I met the customer as he was roaming our showroom waiting for service to be done on one of his vehicles! It was him that asked me about our signs regarding this promo. So I told him it was exactly that, Ford is giving away a vehicle a day, everyday of the promo... 50 in total!

Then I asked him "Do you have 3 minutes to find out if you can win?

"Sure" was the reply

"Do you have a valid drivers liscence number" I asked?


" Can you pick a vehicle in my lot that you would like to win" was my last question.

"yes... but don't waste your time... I never win." was his reply

"Oh, come in, we are both doing nothing in particular, and you agreed to my last three questions"

"Ok fine, says the customer, still politely insistant that he is not going to win."

"It's worth a shot" is my final response!

WELL.... upon being prompted to hit 'pound' (#) 3 minutes into the phone call to the hotline, a pre-recorded message tells us if he is a winner or not..."

Normally I hear "Sorry... blah blah blah"

THIS TIME... we didn't here what one would expect. No 'congratulations', or 'you win...' instead my customer and I hear, "We'd like to verify some information" Well to be honest with you, the message went on for another two minutes, after verifying some info.

In less words than we heard, it basically said, "YOU WIN the FULL purchase price of the vehicle entered!!!!!!!!" That's right, my customer won a $48,778 (after tax) F-150 4X4 extended cab pickup in it ENTIRETY!! All of it, for FREE!!!!!!!! Not even a dime out of his pocket!!


Customer and I just looked at each other, mouths agap, jaws on the floor! We both couldn't beleive it, but I kinda had to believe it because at that point he kept asking me if I was kidding. So I had to act as proffessional as possible without asking him if it was real! I still can't beleive it! Seriously, it's quite an amazing feeling to be the one who called for the customer, who won him a vehicle. It's not like being the lottery cashier ringing in the ticket, cause I had to drag him into my office a bit against his will just to make the call! Not to say that it was any of my doing however! He thanks me for dragging him in, and I thank him for inquiring about the giveaway promo, and for agreeing to the three minute call! WOW!

How cool isn't that eh?

See for yourself! Very happy for this man. Plus, as a bonus he is a very faithful customer to our dealership and service department over the years! Plus he has the gift of gab so Reliable's name will be out all over town... best advertising one could ask for... positive word of mouth!

That's my latest!