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Wednesday, June 27

The Coolest Hotel

All I can say is Crazy, Cool, and I would love to see this concept come to the Elora Quarry!

This Hotel is set to be built in a Quarry near Shanghai! WOW!

What do you think... Elora Quarry next... maybe 2015?

Click here for the details!

Tuesday, June 19


Oh ya... I forgot. Old news (1 month old) and I haven't shared yet... duh.

I have a new website up and running, to try and help promote my job selling cars. It's to aid me in showing people that there are good salesmen out there working in honorable dealerships selling great cars.

Check it out!!

My buddy Kurt took some pics for me, one is found on the 'contacts' page. Also, here's a pretty cool pic that he shot and edited that wasn't used on the website.

Let me know what you think. Car sales can be a tough business and I hope I'm doing the right thing with my website! :)


A few weeks ago Veronica came home wearing her hair in braids... making her look quite different. Then this past saturday she was @ work and she called me to see if I could take some pics of her for some 'head shots' they wanted to take of all 4 gals working at her salon (Martin Cooper).

When I came down to the salon, I hardly recognized her. One of the girls working there is receptionist / amazing makeup artist. So here's the shots of Veronica... (Pics of the other 3 gals coming in the next few weeks.)




Sunday, June 10

The Spring Sizzle

The spring sizzle... that's because this spring has felt like summer and with a blog updating you about our new deck, BBQing etc, wanted to calll it the summer sizzle but can't yet. So 'The Spring Sizzle' it is then.

Make sure you click here to check out our latest pics!

So yup, we're still well. We've been throroughly enjoying this warm weather, especially with our beautiful new and improved deck. We're loving the glass railing as well. It offers a great view but cuts back on unnecesary noise. Not that we're complaining but the Grand River is loud and having people staring up at our deck saying "Hey honey... look up there, doesn't that look relaxing" is nice to no longer hear thanks to our glass railing!

We also got a new shower after the old one kinda collapsed. Water got behind the nasty old brown tiles and there is now a much cleaner, much brighter white insert shower stall in place of it.

Other than that not much new.

Don't forget to look at our pics! There are some nice nature spring shots as well!

Saturday, June 9

The Purple-Festooned Atelopus Toad.

Introducing you to the Purple-Festooned Atelopus Toad. It's a new species of Toad found in Suriname, South America.

Just thought I'd share that with you! :)