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Wednesday, January 9

Cartoons of the good ol' days!

Just reminiscing the days when cartoons where great!


Tuesday, January 8

Iceland obsession.

So recently I've been urges to want to 'get away from it all'. Maybe it's the stress @ work and lack of business. I love my job on a good day... problem is... good days used to be a LOT more frequent than as of recently.

Wanting to 'get away from it all' has lead me to want to see somewhere remote... and just a vacation doesn't feel like it would do justice... move might be more adventurous. Veronica's not impressed. She doesn't even like me to think about it. I can't blame her.

So where is away from it all. Well, to me I've been craving to see remote canada, which has led me to obsessing over Iceland.

Iceland is a land for the crazy, the crazy people who are insane enough to want to see some immense beauty on this earth!

CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I MEAN! I found this album tonight on flicker. This photographer uses a method of photography called HDR which is an effect using photoshop to merge multiple exposures to create one incredible shot with high intensity and depth.

See what I mean!! This is Gullfoss, a majestic waterfall in Iceland.

Here is something else amazing that has come out of Iceland. A band called Sigur Rós! Click here for their new video. Brings me warm fuzzy feelings when the one band member talks in his icelandic accent about 'this strange feeling to want to go home.' The icelandic accent sounds very much like a dutch accent, as the language is so similar. Perhaps that's what gives me the warm fuzzies.

Oh, and one last thing about Iceland. (I'm really not that obsessed but I did start this post off by titling it an obsession so now I feel compelled to hold true to my original title.

Here is a video of what probably got me hooked on Iceland. Cool stuff happens in places when there is at times little to do. Ok, and here too. This one is for my nephews! They'll love it.

Tuesday, January 1

December 07


Not much new to right about. Had lots of fun parties, ate too much and made some cool new changes in our apartment that cost under $75. Cool how much you can change a place with some cheap but cool artwork and paint!