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Sunday, May 21

Apple Shrine?

So Steve Jobs and his mastermind team are at it again.. and this time I believe to take over the world.

Shortly after revealing some new products, Jobs was happy to unveil his newest creation. A 24hr, 7day a week, 365 day per year store! Insanity, maybe.

Now the coolest part about this store is that the entire store is underground. Above ground rises this glass cube with a hovering (and glowing by night) apple logo. Beside the cube is a water fountain (of course, also square in shape.)

The stairs is the most beautiful feature. A solid glass stairs held up by more panes of glass!! What an incredible feat of engineering!!

Even more incredible is rising up from the middle of the stairs is an elevator that simply rises from the ground on a round pedastal!! Wow.

Now here is the interesting part. Somewhere amidst looking at all the a pics of people crowding around, a thought struck me. This isn't just another apple store, STEVE JOBS HAS JUST CREATED AN APPLE SHRINE!!

I did some research and this new Apple Shrine is only mere feet smaller than the Large Shrine found at Mecca. Where people pray in the direction of Mecca, and flock in thousands towards it, I beleive once a year, now there is the apple shrine where people flock towards it. Now a bizzare twist is that to reach the store, you have to descend into the earth! Weird thought!

Wanna know another twist... Before the Apple Cube/Shrine was completed, it was covered in black adhesive paper, much to the look of the Shrine @ Mecca which is covered in black silk! Coincidence... I think not!

People descending into the earth to kiss and worship the apple products?? I'm sure it's happened hundreds of times since the store opened just days ago...

Thought I'd share that insight!