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Friday, July 29


After just viewing my great pal's newly revised website, I feel compelled to share it with you all!

I was fortunate enough to capture Mathew Ian Barnes' friendship in the last few months at Sheridan College as we both finished our studies in photography. Unfortunately we have both kept very busy and have not been able to see much of each other on a regular basis. Since I have moved from Toronto, this has been increasingly difficult.

After seeing his new work on the site for "the spot productions" (click on the above link), I have fallen in love with this dear friend all over again! Matt has this incredible and magical ability to turn virtually anything into the most beautiful image your eyes have ever rested upon. He has found a way to make the mis-judged beautiful. He brings the ugly, the unsightly, the vile, the unwanted, and the unimaginable, into the most vivid, beautiful and sureal light. He simple makes the most stunning images I have ever seen.

Matt is a man who doesn't take no for an answer, and will push through whatever he needs to, just to get the shot. He has endured many trials and has sacrificed many things just for his art. I wish my dear friend well, and sincerly hope that he can turn a nearly impossible career, into a position that he may grab the attention of the world, and provide us with gorgeous imagery of the unimaginable, the unexplainable, and the uncharacteristically bizzare!

If there is one website that you will look at this week, may it be www.thatsthespot.com

May God bless your work Mathew Barnes, may you find a way to bring happiness to the world, your loving family, and to God!

Wednesday, July 6

Big Life Changes

So it's been some time, and some big changes in life.

So I made the move to Elora where I did settle down with my good buddy ol' pal Jeremey V. (Germs) It's been an absolute blessing living with him. So great to be so much closer to friends, we even have campfires a few nites per week, and go out and play frisbee in the park, or watch the Scottish pipers practising for the local bag-pipe festivals! Amazing!

The Lord has been very good to me recently! I also found a job fairly recently. I was presented with a few opportunaties, some which appeared better and some worse, than the one I ended up with. All the job opportunaties, every single one of them other than the one I got, ended in a dead end of sorts. This pointed me into this job. I am working at Reliable Motors, a Ford dealership in Fergus, Ontario where I am sales man number three! Yes, only three, a very busy dealership for us salesman.

I feel that God pointed me in this direction in that all the other job opportunaties didn't work out for many various reasons. I have no immediate plans for my future for I know that God will take care of me now, as long as I put my trust in him. (big lesson learned. Though I feel that it was just as necessary for me to do my work in the arts and in Toronto, and that this door will never be shut!) I feel that this new Sales job is a good direction for me as I enjoy sales, and enjoy self direction and working more as my own employee, which is why I'm loving my new office.

Veronica is succeding very well in her carreer. She recently was signed off by her boss to be able to go write her exam to obtain her liscence in Hair Styling etc. It's a big deal as one normally needs 2,000 hours and Veronica only had about 1,200!! Her boss absolutely loves her, and it helps that she's quite good at what she does if I can try say that without a bias! :) She's now in the process of studying and will perhaps write the exam by end of July. If she passes, she will be fully liscened which means, more money, better jobs, and better time getting jobs for when she moves to Elora! Yup, that will be coming up soon too. We have just started our search for an apartment to live in, which she may live in for the few weeks before our wedding! That will give us time to get moved in over time, paint if necessary etc. It will also be a really great time to be able to enjoy some of this busy summer together a bit more than just on weekends!!

That's all for now, I'll keep you posted on further changes.

God bless you all!