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Wednesday, February 23

THE WAY WE LIVE- For the want of a phone

Cut off a 'life-line' and we see how much we actually loose it.

In the absence of mind, in an effort to take a nap on my lunch today, I removed my cell phone from my pocket to increase comfort level and did not return the phone to it's home after the nap.

I came home tonight to the rude awakening that I am suddenly cut from all life... or so it seems. The way of life we are so used to... is suddenly different for me for the next 12 hours! This very phone, the thin peice of plastic and the odd stray part of thin metal and plexi that make up this unit, is far from my grasp for a horrid dozen hours! :)

It brought me to a revelation of how much we have to thank Brantford's very own Alexander Graham Bell! There was the text message that popped up on my phone this morning. Gently waking me from my slumber, telling me that my Fiance still loves me, and that she had a rough commute into work but arrived in one piece. The hundreds of calls internally made from extension to extension in our 30ish employee company. The dozen calls I personally made to my customers notifying them that their products have arrived at our back door.... all made on phones. Even the several dozen invoice transactions processed through my cash till today, were RUNG UP by wire. The internet so many of us recieve is sent via phone. The vibarating message after my break telling me that a photographer just minutes down the road wishes I were not working at Carbon Computing, but instead spending time working for him.

For the want of a phone. How technology has changed our lives and how we just gobble it up and don't think twice about how we use it!

I leave you with my own wishes that the mice at work did not receive this blog. May they not come to the relization that my cell phone next to their pad is more valuable than they think. For if the blind mice could read, I might find myself reaching inside a mouse hole tommorow!

I leave you with the words of a customer in phone conversation today:

"Peace bro." :)

Monday, February 14


Hey all! So this is Jay's first blog. Feeling like a real computer nerd now... or is that geek?

Welcome to all who view this blog! Here's your chance to catch up with Jay and Veronica and find out what's new in our lives!

Lots changes with big wedding plans coming up for Sept. 17, 2005 and who knows what the Lord has in store for us!

We hope that you enjoy this site and come back often and comment to keep up with us!

Till next time, God bless you all!!