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Tuesday, March 21

Quintippio Mega Shave!

So the mystery marketing scheme of more blades is better has always puzzled me! I always thought, more friction, more irritation, but according to the guys trying to make money from our morning routine, that's not the case. Lies!
My favourite is the recent commercial ad by Philips featuring the Quintippio Mega Shave!

Right! That puppy should do the trick. Well as the commercial goes on, Electric is better. Plus, the wife claims a razor gives a closer shave, but when I take the time to shave with the old school 3-blade, she doesn't even notice!
My thoughts are summed up exactly in this graph!

By 2100 you Razor fans should be using a 14 blader, and I'll be content with my at that point 16 year old Philips!

Read on about the Moores Law for Razor blades here at gizmodo.com