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Saturday, October 21

When a Lambo' just doesn''t cut it....

Ridiculous? Absolutely! But you gotta let a man dream. I've got 14.4 years left to go until my mid-life crisis.... :)

The Red TVR at the top is quite simply a rocketship on steriods and not a care for what anyone thinks of it's styling cues.

The Silver and Orange Koenigsegg is quite simply the fastest production car on the world and but also hasn't forgotten what style and posh means!

Ok, but to be realistic and in true budget format: This is my more likely mid-crisis ride!!

The majestic and very precise Ford GT! 'nuff said!

ok ok... REALLY REALISTIC THEN! My mid-life crisis will likely be involved with coming home every night to a large dutch family... aka kiddies with da wifey... DOH!!!

OK, this is realistic then:

Sniff... tears gone. Wonder what Fords future 'people mover' will do for 0-60 mph?!

Comments anyone?

Tuesday, October 17

Sniff. my old banshee!

Here's a video i dug up from the archives from my old banshee. Sniff... I miss that thing... it was fun!! This is me on a very very wet day... Veronica didn't want to join me... I wonder why not?


Here's a video of the boat we got to use at our Holiday this summer! Very fun!! Very fast!! For some reason I couldn't get the sound to work, but doesn't really matter for this video.

Tuesday, October 10

'Neipheces' & the divorce boat

New pics added here!

For Grandparents, their Grandsons' and Granddaughters are reffered to as Grandchildren. For us lowly Uncles and Aunts, what can one word can we use to call our Neices and Nephews? Neiphchildren? Well I call them our 'Neipheces' (Neices and Nephews)

What a great weekend. Hanging out with all our Neipheces, seeing our siblings and our parents, and eating two entirely different and two very excellent dinner! With the Harts, Dad treated us out for a deadly combo of Thanksgiving Dinner and his 75th Birthday bash!! He chose to take us to a small and very nice Bistro in Mount Pleasant called Devlins Country Bistro! The Steak was definately the best I've had the great fortune to eat!

The following day we were able to celebrate the season with a classic and absolutely smacking turkey and a whole bunch of other grub made by Veronica's mom... Yuuuuuuumy! She worked her buns off in that kitchen and to our taste buds it was all worth every bit!

Monday Veronica and I went Kayaking again. We loved it so much last time in Tobermory, we thought we'd try it again, but this time on the river. Well River kayaking is very different! We went with a tandem kayak again, but this time it didn't work so well. They call the tandem kayak "THE DIVORCE BOAT". Well we were strictly warned when we set out in Tobermory last holiday but returned with big smiles and never once had a squabble! We absolutely loved it.

Well with river kayak's, they are designed to turn more quickly. Thus they are not long boats which go straight, but short boats which turn relatively easily. They also don't have a rudder so steering is done entirely with the paddles. The problem came in the fact that with the river kayak we sat much closer to each other and thus our paddles would connect if we didn't follow each others rythem, unlike the Sea Kayak used in Tobermory!

Now other than the difficulties in steering, we had a very scenic paddle and very enjoyable. Another thing is this time we didn't get spray skirts, bad thing! Thanfully we didn't need to wear our coats that we brought along so they acted as spray skirts over our legs... and they were soaked by the end of the four hour paddle.

After this we drove up to Tara, had a great home-style burger and poutine at one of the local restaurants! We carried on from their, zig-zagging along various gravel and paved roads, some one-lane roads, across the northern sections of Grey County. Through the hills below Meaford and Owen Sound it was definately the most Scenic road trips I've taken! We have some beautiful country here in Ontario and Veronica and I really love just going out cruizing in it! Though I must admit, my truck from work made the trip even more cozy and gave a great vantage point over fields!

Be sure to check out all of our pics!

Thursday, October 5

Bundle of Joy!

Veronica's Parents just got a new puppy... wow, what a bundle of fun! They named her Shadow. :) Black with white socks.

It's a Black lab cross, and everyone thinks the cross part is Border Collie. Sure I'm partial to family members' pets, but this dog is smart. Of course every parent thinks it's kid is the next Einstein and every Uncle and Aunt thinks the same of their Neices and Nephews. So kinda in the same way our opionons (Veronica and I) are a tad bias of Veronica's parents new dog... but Really! This dog is insanely clever for a very tiny pet.

The best example I can think of is two nights ago Veronica's mom told shadow only a coupla times to leave a pair of socks alone on the ground, and got her to play with her toys instead. These socks were white socks. Last night there were a pair of black socks on the floor (from a different owner, so perhaps even a different smell) and Shadow never once touched them! No ok, adult dogs may do this, but for a young playful pup that wants to bite and play with everything... I thought she was pretty smart.

Anyways, the dog is adorable because, well, it's a puppy!

Enjoy the pics!