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Friday, January 19

Life... as we don't know it.

Humans were created for life on land. THough we can swim and hold are breath... were pretty wimpy at lasting longer than a minnute under water. So here it is... life, as we don't know it.

The undersea world is just as absolutely gorgeous and beautiful as our the mountains and forests we are used to seeing on a somewhat more frequent basis. (more frequent for those who do nothing but hide indoors and watch movies).

I found this website a few months ago and forgot to share it with you all! This scuba diver has mastered the art of Underwater 360 degree panoramic photos. Absolutley stunning! Be sure to click on the pics and visit the website. On his website you can click on the underwater scene to see it larger or you can click on the quicktime or other two buttons beside to see the real (and much more stunning) true visual effect of a 360 panoramic photograph!

These works of art remind me of another stunning underwater masterpeice that Veronica and I saw a few months ago as well! It's the movie, Deep Blue! If you haven't seen it you just gotta!

mmmm.... water! Water is the best!


Blogger Henry & Laura said...

Thats pretty sweet!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blogger Henry & Laura said...

Pretty Sweet!

Friday, January 19, 2007


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