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Tuesday, July 11

Long long weekend fun! -Update #2

Update- July 19. The pics are now up. Click here or below on the link for photos!


Update- July 13. Pics to come soon. Trying something new, and not much time to spend on it. Too get pics up soon though!

This canada day weekend was some good times and some good fun for us. It started with a canoe trip, and ended with joyous sunburns... and the mark of my one year anniversary at Reliable Ford. Yup, I'm pretty happy with that.

Veronica and I took a few days to ourselves and joined our College and Careers Bible study group on a Canoe trip. We drove to the top end of Georgian Bay were we canoed out to crown land just south of Killarney Provincial park. We camped on the mainland Wednesday as we arrived around midnight there. Thursday morning we went the the Sportsman's Inn which is located right on the docks in Killarney. Great breakfast served there and they even let us take our coffees out on the docks while we waited for breakfast to be served!! Now Killarney is quite the town! It's a 68 Km drive in from the main highway, and until you get only a km or two from town, there honestly can't be more than a dozen driveways coming from the one road into Killarney. The sign welcomes you to a population of 500, something I couldn't get over. So I asked our friendly waitress at breakfast, and she said "...actually no, Killarney's population is only about 250, the other half is the surrounding areas." WOW, that's smaller than most church congregations that I know!!

Anywho, after breakfast we canoed out the the islands, and due to some storm clouds rolling in, we chose to setup camp in a more sheltered island rather than the more scenic islands that offered a superior view. Beautiful scenery there, the islands, colour (not clarity) but color of the water and surrounding scenes reminded us of Cuba. We still had a good dosage of sun and fun, swimming, canoeing and lazing around. Canada is such a beautiful country!! See pics of the weekend here.

The above link to pictures also includes the rest of the weekend. So Saturday we ended our canoe trip around noon. As our 10 friends from C&C study group went back home, we drove on, through Northbay, and on to Ottawa to see Brian and Alanna and their children, to see Lucas again (who's getting cuter and more like a little boy every time we see him,) and of course to see their new little one, Zacharey Hart. For a newborn he was adorable. The drive along the Ottawa river (border of Ontario and Quebec) above Algonquin park was simply beautiful. Stunning landscape there! The visit in ottawa itself was short but very sweet and great the see the Ottawa contigiency of the Hart family!

The Monday consisted of more sunburning at Sable beach, which is always a great way to spend a holiday monday in the summer! One of our favourite past-times and some great Frisbee, Football, Soccer, and all the usual beach stuff!

The last few pictures you'll also see another little one, that's Anna Hart, new addition the the Eric and Becky family. We got to see her just after the long weekend ended, and of course, another cute hart baby. This was another short and sweet visit, and again, good to see the Brantford sector of the Harts.

Among all this excitement was some not as fun-ness however. We had to say farewell to two very good friends. Jeremy Vandergaag left us on Monday morning to leave for Alberta to see his girlfriend and live closer to her. We also just recently had a farewell party for other good friend, Sara Plantinga who also leaves us for the west, for her it's Winnepeg to teach. We will miss them both and their departure has definately left holes in our hearts. We wish them the best and our good Lord's blessings in their travels and future plans. We miss them already! :(

In all, it was a refreshing weekend, and though we drove about 2,000 km's in about 5 days, it was a great holiday and nice to get 'away from it all' for those few days!

Plus... laying in our double hammock in open air northern Ontario is what really made it all worth it!!


Anonymous Marcel said...

Hey it's me.
Thanks for finally posting again. Your link to the pictures of the weekend don't work, can you fix it?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jay.


Thursday, July 20, 2006


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